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UK law now permits Category B driving licence holders to drive an alternatively-fuelled vehicle weighing up to 4.25 tonnes. The vehicle must not be driven outside of Great Britain. The driver must have completed a minimum of 5 hours training and it must be used for the transportation of goods with no trailer.

The AFV course is a legal requirement for van drivers who wish to take advantage of the legislation introduced in 2018. This allows holders of Category B driving licences normally restricted to vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes to drive vans of up to 4.25 tonnes if they operate by an alternative fuel as AFVs can have an increased kerb weight compared with their conventionally fuelled counterparts.

The rules cover vans powered by electricity, hydrogen, natural gas, biogas, or a combination of hydrogen and electricity.

About HGV Training Glasgow

HGV Training Glasgow is a Pass4Me company that was established in 2008, based within Glasgow and the surrounding area. We offer the highest standards of HGV, LGV, C1, C & C+E driver training courses which are tailored to your individual needs. Whether you are a complete beginner or looking to upgrade your license, we have the right HGV course for you. All of our instructors are experienced and qualified and, we pride ourselves with a very high pass rate.

When you choose HGV Training Glasgow, you can expect a comprehensive and tailored training experience that equips you with the skills and knowledge needed for a successful driving career. We provide the necessary guidance, support, and resources to enhance your skills and boost your confidence behind the wheel. Join us today and embark on your journey toward becoming a skilled and competent HGV or LGV driver.

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Our Courses

C1 Training in Glasgow

Our C1 driver training will allow you to drive HGV/LGV vehicles from 3,500kgs/3.5-tonnes up to 7,500kgs/7.5-tonnes with a trailer up to 750kgs. At HGV Training Glasgow, all of our courses are designed to suit each individual person with lessons tailored to individual needs and our C1 HGV training includes; medical, theory & case study, study material, 12 Hrs in-vehicle training and test.

C Training in Glasgow

Our category C, otherwise known as Class 2 training, is the entry-level license for professional HGV driving. This category C license is the most commonly used HGV within the UK as it is very versatile. C training allows drivers to drive vehicles over 3.5 tonnes, but must not exceed 32 tonnes. Our C training includes medical, theory & case study, study material, 16Hrs in-vehicle training and test.

C+E Training in Glagow

Our C+E (Class 1) license training allows drivers to obtain the highest HGV driving qualification they can hold and will be able to operate Category C (fully articulated or drawbar combination) vehicles with detachable trailers of over 750 kg with maximum weight is 44 tonnes. All of our courses are designed to suit the individual needs of each driver.

AFV Training Glasgow

Our AFV (Alternative Fuel Vehicle) training in Glasgow is a comprehensive courses that empower drivers to handle eco-friendly vehicles, promoting environmental consciousness. Our training covers medical assessments, theory, in-vehicle training, and tests. Designed to cater to individual needs, our AFV training equips drivers with the knowledge to navigate and operate eco-friendly vehicles effectively.

D1 Training

Our D1 license program is designed for drivers to operate minibuses, allowing them to carry passengers. Training includes medical assessments, theory sessions, study materials, practical in-vehicle training, and the required driving test. Tailored to individual needs, our D1 training ensures drivers are well-prepared for diverse traffic scenarios.

D Training

Our D license program equips drivers to operate buses, allowing them to carry over 8 passengers. Training includes medical assessments, theory sessions, study materials, practical in-vehicle training, and the required driving test. Tailored to individual needs, our D training ensures drivers are well-prepared for various traffic scenarios.

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We assist our drivers in obtaining full time employment in haulage industry.

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Teaming up with a finance company, we offer finance options to our customers.

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Our training courses are designed to suit each individual person.

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We proud to be a DVSA registered training provider.

"Pleasure to do my C1 lessons with David. It was good to learn in a truck from a very knowledgeable and down to earth instructor that made me feel at ease. Also very affordable prices and local to me in Glasgow so would highly recommend to anyone needing to learn their C1 or any other Class Licence. Even better that I passed my test first time. Thank you David for all your help."


– John W

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